What is iCandy? Defined as: aesthetically pleasing, or pleasing to the senses. 

We understand that customers only buy what is of value to them = iCandy!  Our goal is to create iCandy for each of our clients; designing a campaign that is appealing to their specific target audience-propelling them to take action. 

iCandy Multimedia Network is a woman-owned boutique consulting agency specializing in public relations, marketing and special event assistance. Founded in 2014, we create a plan for our clients by collaborating with our extensive multimedia network. Our clients consist of corporations, small businesses, athletes, musicians, artists, community leaders & charities. LET's GO! Sign up now for a complimentary 20-minute phone consultation to learn about your business concept 

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Let us tell your story

How do you tell your brand’s story? When you are establishing a startup, growing a business, or sharing a nonprofit mission, you need to convey it with meaning and intentionality. It should be done through storytelling. Developing an identity, understanding your customer and then sharing the brand story is the most powerful and meaningful selling activity. Storytelling is an art and must be intentional, constant, and focused. Since humans are wired to tell stories and hear stories, it engages your targeted audience, via social media and editorial coverage. When someone is engaged like this, interested in your brand’s story, they feel connected in a powerful way. This feeling of connection converts a person into a customer. We want to share your story through our multimedia network.

Client Reviews

  • "Candace & her team at iCandy were instrumental in gaining local, national & incremental media/press coverage including: CNN, Good Morning America, The Discovery Channel, The Jonathon Brandmeier Show, The Steve and Ron Show with iHeart Radio, Sun Sentinel and Palm Beach Post. As a result, I have obtained many sponsors and gained worldwide support for my mission."

    -Reza Baluchi, Ultra Marathon Runner (RunWithReza.org)

  • "Candace & her multimedia network will go to the ends of the earth to make things happen! Her dedication to client goals is unsurpassed. Candace's connections to society and the impact that she has made in philanthropy in Palm Beach County has been recognized in 2015, as she was honored as "Woman Volunteer of the Year" by the Junior League of Boca Raton. She is an influencer who connects the “right” people with their desired goal… with grace and professionalism."

    -Nikki Oden, Founder of Eleven Salon & Spa and Eleven Skin (elevenskin.com)

  • "iCandy under-promises & over- delivers! The team understood my brand and created a marketing strategy to increase brand awareness and distribution in South Florida. We gained media exposure and new clients as a result of the special events that iCandy hosted!"

    -Megan Tierney, L.A. based Fashion Designer for Fine Handbags (louiseandeleanor.com)

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